What We Can Do For Your Business

Richard Atkinson and Stewart Lambert possess in depth knowledge and experience of the travel industry in both executive and advisory roles. Atkinson Lambert offers high quality, cutting edge advice to travel sector businesses on:



All organisations benefit from having a clear sense of direction and understanding of what is required to achieve their goals and it is rare that a business cannot be improved in some aspects of its day to day operation. Without the stimulus and awareness that an outside view can provide, owners and managers are invariably too close to their own business, too focused on day to day demands and lack the breadth of experience to make the assessments required and push through desirable changes. Atkinson Lambert can provide an invaluable insight into your business and practical, relevant and effective advice to act on.


Businesses that are well prepared invariably sell more easily and command higher values. This may involve a few simple improvements or more far reaching measures may be required, to be implemented over an extended period. Atkinson Lambert can advise on these requirements which will invariably enhance the business as well as creating a more saleable and valuable asset.


Selling your business is likely to be one of your most important decisions in life. You need to choose the right team to work on your behalf. The acquisition policies of the major operators have changed substantially, apparently limiting exit options. However, numerous companies, known to Atkinson Lambert, continue to make acquisitions but are unlikely to be approached by generalist corporate finance advisers who do not focus on travel. Atkinson Lambert can properly assess the options for your business with absolute confidence. We will support and advise you throughout the process and can take a realistic view on valuation and extract maximum value when negotiating with acquirers.


Acquisitions can accelerate growth, profit from valuable synergies and drive far reaching strategic benefits. They also make substantial demands on management time and focus and can carry considerable financial risk. Atkinson Lambert will guide and support you throughout the transaction process, ensure you make the right choices, negotiate the key points and help you plan integration acquisition into your business post-acquisition.


In the current difficult economic conditions many business owners are looking to reduce costs, just to survive, or to increase capital value. Whilst getting a business to a particular scale can be relatively easy, it can be much harder to expand to the next level. This is leading owners to contemplate a merger with a similar business where economies of scale can be realised. Creating a larger business may also make the merged entity more attractive to a wider range of acquirers and also substantially enhance valuation. There are issues with mergers, particularly relating to loss of control and business valuation. Atkinson Lambert have recent relevant experience negotiating mergers and understanding the issues that will arise.


Atkinson Lambert have an extensive network of contacts with both venture capitalists and high net worth individuals keen to invest in the travel sector. This could be to fund a start-up, but more often is for people to fund the expansion of a company that has a differentiated proposition or to fund an acquisition. We can advise on whether it is feasible for you to raise funding and to make the most appropriate introductions to pre-qualified investors interested in your sector.