Specialist Advice to Travel Sector Businesses

Richard Atkinson and Stewart Lambert possess in depth knowledge and experience of the travel industry in both executive and advisory roles.  Atkinson Lambert offers high quality, cutting edge advice to travel sector businesses on:

The travel sector continues to evolve at a rapid pace. It is fiercely competitive and heavily regulated. Whilst the industry is well served in many areas – IT, marketing, e-commerce etc – advisors, with real sector knowledge and experience, providing cost effective and trusted advice on strategic direction and corporate finance matters are few and far between.

Travel business owners and managers need advisors who understand and have direct experience of their issues and challenges and who are able to give them the time and attention they need, whatever the size of their business. Richard Atkinson and Stewart Lambert have advised a huge range of travel sector businesses in these specialist areas.


1Straightforward, practical advice from experienced travel sector professionals
. In-depth travel industry knowledge and experience
3. Conscientious and resourceful at all times
4. Personal dealings with principals
5. High levels of integrity and professionalism
6. Fair and affordable fees – success linked


Top Tip One – Get your Priorities Right
Do you and your staff spend your time as wisely as you might? It can be useful to
view your and your team’s work in four broad categories.

  • Important and urgent
  • Important but not urgent
  • Not important but urgent
  • Not important and not urgent

Needless to say time spent on the fourth should be minimised and you should be sure to
get the right balance between the other three. Of course the urgent and
important stuff is going to get done. Serving your customers and getting in
vital bookings will always be a high priority.

Beyond the day to day demands, there are other things that are also important
for the future of the business, or for you personally. Planning for the future is
top of the list. Businesses with a clear strategy, purpose and direction are likely
to do better than those that just go from day to day. Atkinson Lambert can help
you understand more about your business and help you achieve this.

Top Tip Two – Management Information
One area that is frequently lacking in our experience of small and medium sized
travel companies is the availability of useful management information. We think
all businesses can benefit from simple management accounting disciplines
alongside annual budgets and rolling forecasts. The other key area is good
quality sales data. It can seem like a bit of a chore setting the systems up
but, once up and running, you will be much better equipped for managing and
planning your business.

When the time does come to sell your business you can be sure that being able to
provide good quality management information will be of great benefit,
increasing the prospects of a sale and achieving the right value. We have helped
numerous companies improve their management information provision.

Top Tip Three – Prepare for Sale. Don’t leave it too Late
Good quality management information is an important part of preparing a business for
sale, but there are others. – ensuring you have all the necessary company
documentation and records, reducing over-reliance on the personal input of
owner managers and getting rid of those “skeletons in the cupboard”.

When it comes to planning your business, our starting point is always what you as
owner managers want to achieve personally. This may eventually involve seeking
a buyer or exploring alternative ways of stepping back. We can advise on preparation,
guidance through the “exit” process and the search for a buyer. We are always happy to talk.